Jeremy C. Simon

Senior Research and Evaluation Data Fellow

Museum of Science, Boston


I am a fellow with the Strategic Data Project based at the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University. I work for EiE, the curriculum department of the Musuem of Science, Boston, evaluating our engineering activities for children.

I got my PhD at Brandeis University, where I worked with Dr. Jennifer Gutsell in the Social Interaction and Motivation lab, and used a variety of methods including electroencephalography (EEG), traditional psychological questionnaires, implicit measures, and structural and hierarchical modeling to study group biases and dehumanization.

I previously taught in the Psychology department at Williams College, and before graduate school I worked at Facing History and Ourselves. I remain dedicated to teaching about and trying to prevent humanity’s worst behaviors. When not researching or teaching, I do other things, like singing.


  • PhD in Psychology, 2020

    Brandeis University

  • Masters in Psychology, 2017

    Brandeis University

  • BA in History and French, 2013

    Amherst College

Current Projects

Cross-Group Interaction

How do group differences affect real interactions?

Demographic Ignorance

Do perceptions of current demographics affect prejudice?

Interpersonal Dehumanization

What happens when group and individual sources of dehumanization are separate?

Multiple Categorization

Can target group identity be decoded from EEG data?


Recognizing humanity: Dehumanization predicts neural mirroring and empathic accuracy in face-to-face interactions.

Dehumanization is the failure to recognize the cognitive and emotional complexities of the people around us. While its presence has …

Perspective taking reduces group biases in sensorimotor resonance

Similar neural circuits are activated during action and the observation of action and such sensorimotor resonance is said to support …

Social perceptions of warmth and competence influence behavioral intentions and neural processing

Perceptions of the primary social dimensions, warmth and competence, determine how we view and relate to social targets. To discern …

Clarifying the relationship between trait empathy and action-based resonance indexed by EEG mu-rhythm suppression.

Sensorimotor resonance, the vicarious activation of the sensory motor system during observation of another’s actions, is thought …

Effects of minimal grouping on implicit prejudice, infrahumanization, and neural processing despite orthogonal social categorizations

Racial prejudice is a pervasive and pernicious form of intergroup bias. However, a mounting number of studies show that …


Experimentation and Statistics

Will be teaching combined Research Methods and Statistics course at Williams College.

Psychology of Prejudice

Re-designed Psychology of Prejudice as an empirical lab course at Williams College. Click here for the syllabus.

Research Methods in Psychology

Awarded Department Prize TAship to co-teach Research Methods.

Psychology of Prejudice

Awarded University Prize Instructorship to design and teach own course. Click here for the syllabus.

Research Methods in Psychology

Co-taught and developed ‘flipped classroom’ format with Dr. Ellen Wright.

Additional Teaching Experience

I’ve also TAed for Introduction to Psychology, Psychology Statistics, and Graduate Research Methods in Psychology, and overseen a senior honors thesis and an independent study project.


  • Psychology Offices and Labs Rm 125, 25 Stetson Ct., Williamstown, MA, 01267
  • DM Me